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On January 5th I was asked to stop breastfeeding in a Montreal clothing store. Here’s a list of media coverage, so far. An especially big thank you to all the bloggers who took the time to write about the incident, and share their personal stories and thoughts on breastfeeding in general, and breastfeeding in public aka Nursing in Public (NIP), in particular. If you see anything I’ve missed, please leave a link in the comments.

From the Blogosphere

Mainstream News Coverage

The Canadian Press

La Presse Canadienne

The Montreal Gazette (and other CanWest papers)



LCN/TVA Nouvelles/Canöe

The Globe and Mail

CKNW – Vancouver News Talk Sports Radio AM980

La Presse

Métro Montréal

Abitibi Express

L’Écho Abitibien

Journal de Montréal


The Sydney Morning Herald (and other Australian and New Zealand papers)

News/Talk Leader CJAD 800

McGill Tribune

AOL News

La Seigneurie

The Daily Mail

The Edmonton Sun

Mainstream Editorials


  • January 12+: Bulletins on INFACT Quebec
  • January 12+: News on INFACT Quebec
  • January 12+: Revue de Presse on Fédération Québécoise Nourri-Source

In the Forums

5 thoughts on “Media Coverage

  1. Stumbled on to this article. As the Father of a 7 month old – I entirely understand the need to pacify an unhappy baby, and, although my wife will be the first to tell you I am all about discretion while doing it, the kids gotta eat…and often. This is a childrens store!? hang your heads in shame. Lets face it folks – there is no debate here – women are legally allowed to be topless, so breastfeeding is not an issue. (and lets face it – Quebecers are not renowned for being shy with their bodies…) So whats the debate about – its none of your damn business if a mother feeding her child, and if it embarrasses you – look away…and count your blessings you are not having to listen to a screaming kidster!!


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