Allaite-In (That’s a nurse-in folks!)

Seems I’ve just been invited to a nurse-in.

Wednesday, January 19 · 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Orchestra – Montréal Complexe Les Ailes
677, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC H3B 1B9
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There is a facebook event here, if you care to join in.

Text from the facebook event page: “Le magasin Orchestra, est un magasin pour enfants (sic!) situé au niveau métro du Complexe les Ailes de la mode à Montréal.” Nice!

Merci à Genviève pour l’invitation. C’est très touchant.

And a gentle reminder that all are welcome, whether you are a breastfeeding mom, or a mom who bottlefeeds or otherwise doesn’t breastfeed, or even (gasp!) a man. You just need to be in solidarity with breastfeeding moms and breastfed babes and behind the right to feed your kids the way you like. After all, it would be a poor fight against exclusion that then excluded others.

4 thoughts on “Allaite-In (That’s a nurse-in folks!)

  1. Shannon, you’re in every major newspaper today, brava! I am SO TIRED of seeing breasts all over the place, gigantic pictures in the window of La Senza, 75% of all the ads and commercials I see (or so it seems), images that use breasts in ways that make me feel vaguely ashamed, inadequate, and guarded … And when women use their breasts for the ONE THING they’re actually there for, WE’RE inappropriately? WE’RE indiscreet? Shame on those who’d have us hide while nursing. If someone is uncomfortable with the sight of breasts doing what they’re supposed to do, perhaps s/he should strive for a bit more maturity in her/his relationship with breasts.

    Wow, I guess your story really hit home. I never rant like this! Nursing my son made me finally understand what my breasts were for … I felt like I had a super-power. Thanks for your blog, and have a great nurse-in.


  2. You would think that such an incident won’t happen in 2011. I heard of what had happened this morning from my ostepath, I was appalled. I’m nursing my 4th child at the moment and nurse anywhere and anytime she needs to. I believe that our society is biased. They splash images of breasts everywhere we turn even on bus stops!! but then when they see a mom doing the best thing by their babies we’re frowned upon. Shame on these workers who told you to leave. I would never go there to shop.


  3. This story has just broken here in Ireland and Well done to you all. You flash mob was a wonderful idea and hopefully it will change the outdated attitudes to feeding babies.


  4. If you’re on Instagram (or if you have an iphone, itouch, iPad you can get the free app) please check out #the_cause . After my breastfeeding pictures and those of several other moms were removed–because of partial nudity, they said– a bunch of mothers and friends joined together in support of allowing images of nursing on the site. There’s a whole gallery of beautiful nursing pictures. We’re fighting online for the same reason you’re taking a stand here…to end the perverted, misogynistic double-standard that encourages the display of sexualized images of women’s breasts and shames, censors, and deletes images of them being used for their original purpose. Thank you for your courage!!


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