Letter Writing Campaign

Does this make you angry? Grab a pen/keyboard and join the letter writing campaign.

I’ve collected a listed of addresses of interested parties that you can contact.

For your letter writing pleasure:

Orchestra – Montréal
Vêtements Orchestra Canada Inc.
1010 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, suite 2402
Montréal QC H3A 2R7

Tel: 1.514.842.5225

This is the location where the incident took place, but Orchestra has three locations in the Montreal area, and one in Edmonton, if you’re feeling ambitious.

Orchestra-Kazibao – Head Office
400 avenue Marcel Dassault
34170 Castelnau Le Lez

Tel: 0499130800

Complexe Les Ailes
650, de Maisonneuve Boulevard West,
Suite 630
Montreal QC H3A 3T2

Tél : (514) 288-3759

Although Orchestra is a French company with only 4 locations in Canada, the Canadian company Panda also distributes their clothes, so feel free to contact them too.

Panda Headquarters
259. Labelle Blvd. #201
Rosemère QC J7A 2H3

Tel.: (450) 818-9741

Perhaps you’d like to get a politician to help or even attend the nurse-in. Here are the addresses of politicians whose constituency includes the store.

Garneau, Marc – MP Westmount-Ville-Marie
Constituency Address
4060 Ste-Catherine Street West, Suite 340
Montreal QC H3Z 2Z3

Telephone: 514-283-2013
Fax: 514-283-9790

Or search for your own MP here.

Jacques Chagnon – MNA Westmount—Saint-Louis
1155, rue University
Bureau 1312
Montréal (Quebec) H3B 3A7

Telephone: 514 395-2929
Fax: 514 395-2955

Or search for your own Québec MNA here.

Alain Dufort, directeur d’arrondissement Ville-Marie
888, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est, 5e étage
Montréal (Québec) H2L 4S8

Téléphone : 311

If you know of more, let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Letter Writing Campaign

  1. Letters have been sent as well as multiple forwards or your blog page. We support you 100%, this situation is completely unacceptable!!


  2. Unfortunatly, we still have a long road yet to travel to regain our rights! Breastfeading used to be basic, but with the advent of modern medicin, we’ve traveled a way back, being told that formula was better!! We cannot let this stop us from moving forward, and I see this as a chance to educate and change publc opinion. I’ve already written to Orchestra, and now will write to Complexe les Ailes. I’m glad we now can be aware of such conduct and can react promptly and accordingly. I also think that you should leak this to the medias. You have my full support! Keep on breastfeeding, it’s tha best thing to do!!


  3. That is ridiculous and really upsets me! Wish there was something I could do but the site is in French and I don’t speak French (I live in the USA) so I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Good luck!


  4. My wife had a very similar experience with our 2nd child; she felt and reacted the same way you did.

    Now on our 4 breastfeed child and much more knowledge, I only hope that someone would say something. Here in Texas you can sue them and really hurt their business.

    God Bless & great job on the Flash Mob Feeding!!

    Inspired in Texas

    Eric & Rebecca Pinola


  5. Oh my goodness, people! We are mammals. Breast feeding is why we are called mammals.

    The people complaining about this were obviously improperly weaned.

    You go, girl!

    And feed the poor child . . . WHEREVER!


  6. Nothing is more natural and beautiful when a mother nurses her child.
    Bravo to all woman who fight against oppressive, backward, ignorant anti nursing behavior.
    Push for changes in legislation and continue to feed your babies in malls, restaurants and all public places.
    Militant nurses unite and take back the night!


  7. This is ridiculous to raise this much fuss over something that is so natural. I don’t understand how women can get so upset about other women breastfeeding. You all have them, you’ve seen yours, you’ve seen others, so what. It’s just a baby eating. What offends me more is the language today people use in public or young adults wearing their pants below their butts.


  8. Hey — I’m a dad with 3 young kids… babies should be able to be fed however, whenever, and wherever they need to be fed. I’m sorry you had trouble. Some people are ignorant.


  9. Wow is all I can say. My initial reaction to this was SHOCK, and then mouth agape. I am an African and have never heard of anything or anyone angry at a mother feeding an infant, except in the “developed world”. Should a child be allowed to starve because of “I don’t know what??? – trying to act proper or what? What is the proper thing to do?” I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and were all breastfed. I fed them anywhere and anytime, there was no discrimination against babies who are hungry – it was just the natural thing to do, and there is nothing obscene about breastfeeding a child. There is no shame about being natural – God created us the way we are, if He felt like the lady in the store, then He would not have put babies food on our chest. There is beauty in and about breastfeeding – the act, the posture, the love – mother to child, etc, so much I cannot illustrated here. If I have more children, I will breastfeed him/her anywhere. Thanks for your courage in coming out with this, so many may have suffered in silence. You should sue the company for all the emotional distress, and start up a non-profit to educate and enlighten people on breastfeeding/mother to child relationship through breastfeeding.


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